As they move their feet, the beating sound of the drums and chants rise like incense to fill the room.

The battle of wits has begun as they move ever so gracefully in search for convergence in a joyful ebb and flow of motion.


Capoeira is as much a dance as it is a martial art. Therefore music and capoeira are very much inseparable. The capoeira roda consists of the following major instruments: berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro. Other instruments are also present, just less crucial nor indispensable. The berimbau creates the mood and dictate the rhythm and nature of the game taking place within the roda. On top of the instruments, chants are both the accompaniment and the necessary essence in creating the necessary energy level required for the games to unfold and manifest themselves.

Below are some examples of capoeira music. More capoeira music will be shared soon. Check back for more. For the latest updates, follow us on SoundCloud. Links are provided below for purchase of capoeira music. Enjoy!