As they move their feet, the beating sound of the drums and chants rise like incense to fill the room.

The battle of wits has begun as they move ever so gracefully in search for convergence in a joyful ebb and flow of motion.


This move is executed when one is not under attack – usually used against the martelo or other direct kicks. This takedown will be successful as long as the opponent has most of his weight on the foot you are targeting. Torque is generated with the sweep to assist in the takedown.

Banda Por Dentro

This move is used when attacked by a Martelo or its likes and would require the astute anticipation of said move for this to be executed successfully. Instead of dodging the imminent attack, one would step in with his

Banda De Costa

In this move, one thrust forward, lands on one foot and executes the banda. This whole sequence is executed swiftly and is most effective when both of the opponent’s legs are swept under him.