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As they move their feet, the beating sound of the drums and chants rise like incense to fill the room.

The battle of wits has begun as they move ever so gracefully in search for convergence in a joyful ebb and flow of motion.

In case you have not read, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines both the elements of dance and music into it, bringing physical benefits for yourself and allowing you to immerse yourself into a whole new culture! Of course, as a martial arts, capoeira is all about movement as well. This place here is to start you off on the basic movements, Ginga, Negativa, Role and Au.

Improving arm strength

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CAPOEIRA - The Step-by-Step Guide

The Steps - A beautifully designed publication bringing to you the fundamentals of Capoeira. Publication includes step-by-step guides and are accompanied by photos to assists learning. Learning Capoeira has never been so beautiful and so much fun

The moves shown in this book are accompanied by Capoeira Moves videos in the Getting Started section. The ebook is available free for download so you can learn how to capoeira anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy more upcoming issues with full-sized information on Capoeira - curated by Capoeira professionals, enthusiasts and designed specially by the best artists around the world. Brought to you by the love of Capoeira. Enjoy.



Ginga is the most fundamental move in capoeira, the move that puts you in constant motion and must always be done when measuring up your opponent, or just simply keeping yourself in rhythm to the music. One very important thing to not, would be to not have your back foot crossing over the path of your front foot, which can tend to be a common mistake for a beginner. Such a mistake will cause one to be unbalanced, which does not bode well in capoeira.

Negativa is the basic ground positioning move in order to transit to other movements such as the RolĂȘ. Basically, the player is simply crouched close to the ground, with one leg in a kneeling position and the other leg outstretched.

If you have difficulties performing this, look to improve your overall body strength with core training and strength training.

Role is like a roll on the floor, but with only the hands and feet touching the ground, and sometimes the head. It is often used after ground movements like Negativa as above, to get up from the ground and back into the Ginga position.

If you have difficulties performing this, look to improve your overall body strength with core training and strength training.

Au is like a cartwheel, but the player will be able to see the opponent during the motion. One of the most important skills of capoeira, it cannot be treated lightly, as it can be used to dodge or flee attacks from the opposing player, to move closer to the other player or to simply confuse the player by moving about. As such, this move is much more important than learning new fighting techniques, for it can be used as a strategy to be beat the opposing player.

If you are unable to perform the au because your arms cannot support your body weight, look at our guide to Improving Arm Strength.

Improving Arm Strength

The Hundred Push-Ups Training Program

When you first start out in Capoeira, one of the greatest challenges to overcome is improving arm power so that you will be able to execute a variety of capoeira moves with ease. Basic moves such as Au - which is basically a cartwheel, may not be easy for all to execute especially those who haven't really been exercising before starting capoeira.

But, fear not. We have found the perfect training plan for you to follow in order to build up as much strength as you need. This critically acclaimed Hundred Push Ups Training Program allows you to enter at any level (meaning even if you can't even do one standard push up) and help you complete 100 consecutive push ups in 7weeks.

There are a few wonderful things about this program:

1) It is free of charge - for most parts unless you decide you need to buy the book to further complement your exercise, which I reccomend.

2) There is wide online community supporting this book - the fitblr community on tumblr highly reccomends this program and a quick scroll through it will help you see its effectiveness.